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Installing window tint can be one of the best decisions you can make. Other than increasing the aesthetics of your vehicles, they can go a long way toward improving your privacy while driving. Even better, window tint helps regulate your car's internal heat, which can help reduce the energy you spend on cooling it during hot summer days. Since tint also helps regulate the penetration of UV rays, it can help reduce the chances of developing skin cancer from excessive exposure. One aspect that can affect the effectiveness of your window tint is the level of darkness you choose to have them in. While you might want to choose an excessively dark window tint, there are laws you need to follow and considerations to make.

ceramic tint features

Ceramic Particle Technology

Blocks up to 98% Infrared Heat

Blocks 99% of Sunlight UVA/UVB rays

Wide Range of Darkness Level

High Optical Clarity

LifeTime Warranty


Our Ceramic Window Tint Films feature intense heat rejection and UV damage protection. With both 98% infrared heat rejection and 99% UV ray rejection, you can drive protected from the harsh sun.

The film protects from UV rays entering the interior of the vehicle. This protects against dashes fading, plastics cracking, leathers drying out, and keeps your passengers safe from harmful UV skin damage.


Everyone loves the appearance and privacy aspects of a quality window tint film. With darkness available from the lightest to the darkest shades, we can accomplish your vision for your window tint with a major cosmetic improvement compared to stock glass.

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What Do The 35%, 20%, and 5% Tint Levels Mean?

As defined by the law, these percentages correspond to the minimum amount of light that must pass through the car window. Higher percentages signify lighter tints, and lower percentages represent darker tints. The legal percentage differs between states and among the car's various windows.


Frequently Asked Question

What is Ceramic Window Tint?

Nano Ceramic Window Films otherwise known as Ceramic Tint or Nano Tint is an advanced window film specifically designed to block UV rays and infared heat from entering the vehicle in addition to darkening the windows to your desired shade. Ceramic Tint is designed to be safe, effective, and result in a better driving experience with less light entering the cabin.

Does Ceramic Tint Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

Our advanced Ceramic Window Films rejects 99% of UV rays from entering the vehicle's cabin, these rays are the leading cause of skin cancer and rejects 98% of infared heat for a more comfortable driving experience.

How Does Ceramic Tint Block Heat?

Ceramic Tint can significantly reduce heat from entering your vehicle by using advanced ceramic particles that provide excellent UV ray rejection by blocking the sun's infared radiation. While the tint will reject the heat from entering the vehicle through the windows, it's important to understand that no window film can completely stop heat or result in a completely cool vehicle when stored in direct sunlight. Howecer, the film will absoutely significantly recude the heat and will block 99% of UV rays from entering and 98% of infared heat. This protects your skin, your interior surfaces, and anything else inside of your vehicle from sun damage.

How Long Does Ceramic Tint Last?

No, thanks to the modern ceramic nano technology that Is developed into our protection films, the yellowing a. fading effect of lesser films is non-existant for all of our films, guaranteed. Discoloration Is covered under our 10 Year PPF Warranty at no additional charge.