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Our commitment is to protect you. We care for every detail. Experience it and then Trust our advice. We set a new benchmark for quality.

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The best deal, highest quality, competitive pricing. For auto repair and maintenance from the experts. Whether it’s the luxury sports car you’ve been saving up for or your daily ride, we treat each vehicle with the respect and attention it warrants. We offer a personalized experience, starting with a one-on-one consultation to understand your needs and provide only the best solutions to satisfy your needs.

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The home of paint protection in Ontario, Canada -- Our City Has Spoken! #1 Auto Detailing Service Our family-owned business has been provided with the finest quality Paint Protection for years. We are truly passionate about our clients, and we’ve spent decades mastering our craft to ensure we deliver a product we’re proud to stand by! All our installations are backed with a Shop Guarantee to ensure that you are happy with your services within our facility – no matter what.

“It’s all about you and your car. A car is not only a vehicle. Sometimes it’s just like a dream. We are putting life into your car. Our goal is your satisfaction. We care for every detail and feel pride in your ride.”

- Mohammed Aten, CEO


Mohammed Aten, CEO

Complex Auto began spreading its roots in 2008 when owner MO (Mohammad Patal) first began digging into the world of professional detailing. Beginning with simple wash and waxes for friends and family, I began documenting my details and methodology on local forums and car clubs. The word quickly spread and has snowballed into Complex Auto today. I am extremely blessed and humbled to own and operate Complex Auto and always strive to learn about the latest and greatest with new detailing products and methodology.

Complex auto has allowed me to build a career in the automotive industry.  I strive to offer the best and most personable Ceramic coatings, Wrap, Tinting and detailing service available.

Complex Auto Centre provides all our customers with the best quality of work and service, returning all vehicles to pre-repair condition, no matter how severe the damage is. We focus our efforts on quality using the best materials, with great attention to detail and the long-term durability of the work. Our team always meets and exceeds industry standards. That’s how we have gained the trust of hundreds of clients that recommend us as one of the top body and detailing shops in the area. We pride ourselves on our work and service quality because we understand what it means to want your car to look its best. Once you try Complex Auto Centre for your automotive needs, you will not want to go to another auto shop.