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Complex Auto, specializes in PPF Paint Protection Film, car detailing, window tinting, ceramic coating for vehicles, and more. Providing our clients with the best auto detailing services in Durham and the best PPF paint protection services in the industry.  We offer a wide array of services sure to meet all of your auto design needs. We do it all; Paint Protective Film (PPF) installations, ceramic tinting, windshield replacement, and vinyl wraps, are just a few of the services our team of certified professionals are ready to assist you with. Our company is known for using the most up to date equipment and techniques when laying paint protective films to your car. With a wide selection of high quality tools, we can assure you, your car is always in good hands with us! Complex Auto offers our clients a variety of bundles and auto detailing packages to suit your budget for automotive detailing needs.  

Family owned & operated for more than 10 years, Complex Auto is a reliable customer orientated team. Our staff is constantly working towards the latest products, equipment and technics of PPF, ceramic coating and wraps to keep your car looking its best for the longest.