Upgrade the Appearance of Your Ride

When it comes to improving your car's appearance, there are many options. Some might prefer a more subtle upgrade, like adding stylish ground effects or sleek side skirts. For those who want something more aggressive or bold, we offer an extensive selection of car body kits to give your vehicle a look you're after.
From spoilers and wings to fender flares and hood scoops, our kits are designed to transform your car and make it stand out. Whether you're looking for a high-performance style or something that looks great, we have the supplies you need to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Quality Parts from Reputable Suppliers

At Complex Auto, we pride ourselves on being the go-to supplier for imported car body kits worldwide. With our decade of experience and deep knowledge of this specialized industry, we can negotiate directly with manufacturers to secure the best prices for our customers. We perform rigorous quality checks on every part that comes through our doors, so you can trust us when you need the highest-quality components available.
If you’re looking for a rare product or have a custom order, we can help. We’re not only experienced importers but also car enthusiasts with a passion for assisting our clients in building the perfect automobile.

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Affordable Body Kits

Our price points can’t be beat. We’re the exclusive distributor of authentic full-body kits, yet our rates remain competitive thanks to our company’s outstanding logistical system. Our work is done in-house to guarantee superior service and eliminate third-party outsourcing costs. The result is that our clients get the best products for the best prices.
We want to help you improve the look of your vehicle on your terms. Offering high-quality products at affordable prices is how we can do just that. Come to Complex Auto for a superior product selection. No matter the car's make or model, we have the body kits you need. If we don’t have exactly what you need on hand, we can order and ship it at cost, so you get the best price possible.
Our Service Promise to You
Our team loves impressing clients with their hard work and consistently stellar results. We’ve been operating a streamlined, efficient Japanese car part distribution service for some time now and have gained a reputation for being a one-stop shop for any parts purchasing. Our aim is that every client who walks through our doors finds exactly what they’re looking for and drives away happy. If that’s the kind of service you have been seeking for your vehicle improvements, there is no better team to go with than our enthusiastic, well-informed staff.

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Incredible Staff of Body Kit Experts

Our staff is the heartbeat of our business. Every team member was selected for their vehicle expertise and experience. Come to Complex Auto for our incredible team; we know you’ll be pleased with what we do for you.
We look forward to impressing you with our car body kit expertise as we have with many other clients. Join our ever-growing list of satisfied clients today by giving us a call or dropping by to chat with one of our car enthusiasts on staff.
Finding the Perfect Car Accessories for Your Make and Model
At Complex Auto, our auto experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in matching vehicles with the perfect body kits. Our customized body kits automotive culture is renowned for its precision, innovation, and aesthetics, which our specialists embody in their work.
Whether you're aiming for a subtle upgrade or a complete transformation, we can guide you through the vast range of options available, ensuring compatibility with your specific model and desired functionality.
Not only will we consider the visual appeal, but we'll also prioritize safety, aerodynamics, and performance. Leveraging years of experience and a deep understanding of Japanese car specifications, our team will help you select a body kit that elevates your vehicle's style while maintaining its integrity and performance.

The Benefits of Using Complex Auto Body Kits

  • Authenticity and Quality

    Our parts are specifically designed and manufactured for the Japanese market, ensuring the components are of top-notch quality and conform to the high standards set by our automakers.

  • Performance

    Many of our parts are engineered for enhanced performance, given our unique automotive culture and love for motorsports. These components can sometimes offer better power, efficiency, or handling than their counterparts available in other markets.

  • Unique Features

    Certain parts or accessories may be exclusive to the market, providing features or aesthetics not available elsewhere. This exclusivity can make your vehicle stand out or offer functions not found in standard models outside of Canada.

  • Durability

    Our manufacturers are renowned for their emphasis on longevity and reliability.

  • Resale Value

    For enthusiasts, having genuine car aftermarket parts can increase the resale value of their vehicles, especially if the buyer understands the significance and quality associated with these components.

  • Cultural Appeal

    For many, the car culture holds a special allure, characterized by its innovative modifications, attention to detail, and rich racing heritage. Incorporating JDM parts allows vehicle owners to tap into this culture, bringing a piece of Japan's automotive legacy to their own driveway.

  • Safety

    Complex Auto genuine parts adhere to Japan's strict safety and quality control regulations. This ensures that the components perform optimally and contribute to the vehicle's overall safety.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a vehicle body kit?

A vehicle body kit is a collection of exterior modifications and components designed to enhance the appearance and style of a vehicle. It typically includes items such as front and rear bumpers, side skirts, fender flares, spoilers, and other aerodynamic elements.

Are body kits universal or specific to each vehicle?

Body kits can come in universal or vehicle-specific designs. Universal body kits are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, while vehicle-specific body kits are tailored for a specific make and model. Vehicle-specific body kits usually provide better fitment and alignment, ensuring a seamless integration with the vehicle's existing body panels.

Will installing a body kit affect my vehicle's warranty or insurance?

Installing a body kit can potentially affect your vehicle's warranty or insurance coverage, depending on the specific terms and conditions of your warranty and insurance policy. It's essential to review these documents and consult with your vehicle manufacturer and insurance provider to understand any potential impacts or requirements associated with installing a body kit.

What are the benefits of installing a body kit?

Installing a body kit can offer several benefits. It can transform the overall look of your vehicle, giving it a more aggressive or sporty appearance. Body kits can also improve aerodynamics, enhance stability at higher speeds, and provide additional downforce. Furthermore, certain body kits may offer functional benefits, such as improved airflow or increased cooling for performance vehicles.

Can I install a body kit myself, or do I need professional assistance?

While some body kits may be relatively straightforward to install, it's recommended to seek professional assistance for the best results. Professional installers have the expertise and tools to ensure proper fitment, alignment, and paint matching. They can also address any challenges that may arise during the installation process.