Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate solution to pre-mature wear prevention for your automotive paint. Backed by a 10 Year Warranty.

PPF Protects From

Rock Chips


Bird Droppings

Bugs Acids


Magnesium Chloride



Maximum durability

Our films feature an unmatched level of impact resistance and an industry leading 8 Mil thickness. Comparatively, your vehicle's clear coat is only 1.5-2 Mils thick. The end result is the most durable paint protection available.

Superior clarity

Our primary protection film boasts a unique zero orange peel texture with an optically bright crystal clear finish. This ensures the gloss of your paint is never compromised, featuring advanced UV protection that prevents yellowing and fading of the film over time

Complex Auto uses one of the market's most advanced Paint Protection films. Available in three different thicknesses to offer you the protection you need for exterior and interior surfaces. The entire lineup is virtually invisible and provides protection from everyday damages, including scuffs, scratches, chips and more.

Unleash the power of paint protection film, safeguarding your vehicle’s pristine finish from the elements and everyday wear. Tired of constantly wasting your time and money on expensive wax products that only last for a few weeks at most? We know that you want to protect your car’s paint and finish, but waxes are quickly becoming a relic of the past thanks to new advancements in technology for vehicle protection. With Complex Auto, you can experience a new level of protection for your car’s paint when you install a paint protection film.

Complex Auto paint Protection film

Complex Auto PPF completely transforms the appearance of your vehicle while still maintaining the same durable protection of clear PPF. We are now offering the full range of Complex Auto PPF.

example fashion ppf

Brand we use

To suit your car's make and specific needs, we choose from a variety of high-quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) products.



Frequently Asked Question

Wnat Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film, often refer. to as “clearbra". or "PPP" is a thermoplastic urethane plastic film that can be installed onto automotive painted surfaces to provide the highest level of paint protection possible for both new and used vehicles.

What does Paint Protection Film protect from?

Paint Protection Film Is the ultimate barrier of protect. with the ability to stop rock chips, scratching, swirl marks, bug splatters, chem.! etching, UV damage oxidation, and minor abrasion from occuring on your vehicle, paint.

How long does Paint Protection Film last?

Modern Paint Protect. Films can last anywhere fromn 8-12+ years depending on the manufacturer film type, and maintenance of the film once Installed. All of our film installations Include a comprehensive 10 Year Warranty at no additional charge. However, with proper storage and owe of the vehicle, you can absolutely ensure your film outlasts this warranty period. In fact, for the best possible protection you can have any of our Ceramic Paint Coatings installed directly over the film for addition. sunlight UV, a.m.., and wear protection.

What brand of PPF do you install?

We're proud to be Authorized Installers of the industries most innovative films frorm STEK USA. STEK provide a unique combination of extremely high quality, durable protect., and unique product offerings that we Install ewer, day in Las Vegas. For our Alabama studio, we install SUNTEK films, another industry leader in protective films that is tried and true.

Can you install Ceramic Coatings on top of Paint Protection Films?

Absolutely, yes. With our film and coating combination specifically, we can create the ultimate level of protection and extend life of your PPF dramatically with this combination. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing both PPF and Ceramic Coating for your new or used vehicle If you want to ensure it looks as new as possible or even better than new for years to come. In fact, this is our most popular service package.

What does Paint Protection Film protect from?

No, thanks to the modern ceramic nano technology that Is developed into our protection films, the yellowing a. fading effect of lesser films is non-existant for all of our films, guaranteed. Discoloration Is covered under our 10 Year PPF Warranty at no additional charge.

Is it best to install the Ceramic Coating or the Paint Protection Film first?

If It's one or other, we always recommend Ceramic Coating for full vehicle coverage protection and the best value for the cost. When combined, you always want the film installed before the coating. This Is because the coating would interfere with the proper bonding and tack of the protect. film and would not adhere to t. surface correctly. This is avoided by having the coating Installed on top of the film, which also adds years of additional protection of extends the life of your film.



Regardless of the condition of your car’s current paint job, a vinyl wrap will make your car look brand new. Depending on your style, it could even make it look better than new.
If you want to create a whole new look with a crazy colour, a different finish, or a unique design, a custom vinyl wrap will be much easier to apply than a custom paint job would be. Furthermore, it will be much more cost-effective and easier to maintain, repair, and resell.
That custom design you loved so much would undoubtedly limit the resale market. With a vinyl wrap, however, you can remove it, restore the car to its original appearance, and tap into a much larger potential group of customers.


    Car wraps are an investment, but they are also significantly cheaper than custom paint or other methods of vehicle customization at a reputable shop. 


    Wrapping your car, truck, or SUV will protect the expensive OEM paint underneath the vinyl material. From harsh UV rays and paint-damaging elements to rock chips and sand, a vinyl wrap will provide a durable layer of protection for your vehicle's paint. 


    Car wraps are completely reversible! Unlike a custom paint job, which requires sanding your factory paint and applying new paint over the top, vinyl wraps are removable with little risk of damaging the paint underneath. 

blue porche

    Car wraps come in a huge selection of colours, textures, patterns and finishes. When Complex Auto professional installers apply a wrap, only a trained eye can tell that the vehicle is wrapped in vinyl. 


    Car wraps provide options where traditional paint is not an option. For example, most vehicle leases will not allow you to change the paint color. Because a car wrap is removable, they provide an excellent way to customize the vehicle without violating the lease agreement or warranty. 


    Car wraps come in a huge selection of colours, textures, patterns and finishes. When Complex Auto professional installers apply a wrap, only a trained eye can tell that the vehicle is wrapped in vinyl. 

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Since 2008, we’ve been creating Wraps for the customers’ eyes. We’re the wrap shop you need to give your company an advertising boost. Because we have been doing this for so many years, we know how to make your vehicle wrap pop and capture attention. We take pride in getting the job done right and because of that, Complex Auto dominates the vehicle wrap field.

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