If you’re looking for Ceramic window tinting in Durham Region, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Ceramic Packages are our most popular packages at Complex Auto and we work with the top manufacturer, Suntek to exceed all of your expectations and needs. Suntek is our go-to film for high-end ceramic performance and protection. These films are available for purchase and installation right in our shop, just ask! The high-end films are designed to protect the interior and skin of the car from premature aging and reduce glare while driving. Suntek films do not interfere with any signals entering or exiting the vehicle, so all of your electronic devices are guaranteed to work the same as in a non-tinted vehicle. Unsure what size of film will work for your vehicle? No worries, Complex Auto can customize your films to match and fit your window’s requirements and dimensions.

Here are some benefits to tinting your car windows:

Complex Auto offers Ceramic and Regular window tinting.

Thinking about adding this application to your home or business?

Great! We can add tint films to your business to keep the interior offices’ cooler and deter potential vandalizers from defacing the exterior surface with graffiti. Window film options can bring variation into an office environment with decorative, textured, patterned, or frosted, window films.

  • Fade reduction and Tinting

  • Tinting Windows Blocks UV Rays

  • Tinting Protects Against Shattered Glass

  • Increased Privacy with Tinted Windows

  • Solar Heat Rejection