Complaint form

Complaint Form


The Real Estate Commission investigates complaints against real estate licensees accused of misconduct. If the Commission finds that real estate licensees have violated the Real Estate License Law or Commission rules, it can suspend or revoke their licenses.

  1. This form should be used when filing a complaint with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission against a real estate broker or a time share project (hereinafter “licensee”). Please read and follow these instructions.
  2. Please fill in the information requested below. Then answer the questions and state your complaint on page three of this form.
  3. IMPORTANT: Your complaint and any supporting documentation will become a public record, and a copy of it will be given to the real estate licensee complained against. Complaints cannot be withdrawn or deleted.
  4. Persons who file complaints must be willing to appear as a witness, be sworn, testify and be cross-examined concerning the allegations made in their complaints.
  5. Click this link for additional information about the complaint process
  6. If you prefer to mail your complaint, you can get a paper copy of this form by clicking this Complaint form PDF document link. Mail the form and any documents you wish to attach to: North Carolina Real Estate Commission, PO Box 17100, Raleigh NC 27619-7100.


The Real Estate Commission cannot

  • Give legal advice or act as your attorney,
  • Assist in resolving contract disputes,
  • Order agreements/contracts to be canceled,
  • Order monies to be paid or refunded to you, or
  • Assist in resolving disputes involving compensation between brokers.

If you have these types of issues, you should consult a private attorney.